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World of ukkoni

see the world through the eyes of a child

Children face the world with firm bravery, sparkling élan and an open mind.
They see the world as it ought to be. Pure, kind-hearted and adventurous.
They see beyond boundaries.
They see a just world with unlimited possibilities.

At ukkoni, we salute their spirit by offering fashion that is stylish, yet bold and uplifting,

while made fairly and with care for the environment.

fair & care

The women and men that make our jersey collection work at Studio Nepal, which is a bright and safe atelier in Kathmandu, Nepal.
It was founded by the Dutch fair and eco brand Studio JUX.
These proud Nepali tailors get fair wages and are offered professional and personal empowerment training. 


 Solid Crafts

Our merino wool cardigans were hand-knitted by Solid Crafts.
This is a handicraft workplace in India where disadvantaged women are trained and employed in an honest way.
Solid Crafts invests her profit in social projects to support refugee and abused children.


We carefully consider the materials we use to minimise our footprint.
Our jersey collection is made from 100% GOTS organic cotton and finished off with buttons made from residual wood.
Our hangtags are printed on a premium FSC-paper made with eucalyptus fibres, while our labels are made from recycled polyester.

But we don't stop there. Giving back is at the core of our DNA.
Therefore we strive to donate 25% of our yearly profit to social projects aiming to improve opportunities for youth in Asia and Africa.

our name

The name ukkoni is derived from the Swahili word ukomo, which means unlimited. It refers to a child's unbounded thinking,
our use of sustainable materials and celebrates the love for Africa of ukkoni's founder, Lidewij Helmich. 

in the media

ukkoni is grateful to have been featured in various beautiful magazines and blogs.







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